Plan Ahead and Order Your Camper Shells and Tonneau Covers Today


As winter approaches, truck owners need to start the process of preparing their vehicle for the colder months. Many sections of a truck should be considered, including the truck bed. Protection for the truck bed is provided by both camper shells and tonneau covers. These will protect both the truck bed as well as the cargo being carried in the bed. Here are just a few of the many benefits of both camper shells and tonneau covers.

Benefits of Camper Shells During Winter

Versatile Accessory for Your Truck

Camper ShellThe advantageous features of camper shells make it a great accessory to attach to your truck. Camper shells allow you to use your ordinary truck as an actual camper and a utility space, which can be extremely useful for those winter months. The doors, windows and other customization options available can contribute to making it quite a comfortable living arrangement when on the road. They are resistant to the different weather elements as well. The locks have enhanced security making it safe to use them for storage purposes for cargo.

Variety of Options, Styles and Materials

Truck Gear SuperCenter offers a variety of camper shell options and styles. The two most common types include hard top and soft top shells. Hard top camper shells are rigid and are designed using tougher materials that offer greater durability. They have windows on the sides and rear for ventilation. However, soft top shells are made from canvas. While they offer greater flexibility, they are less durable and less sturdy compared to the hard top shells. The soft top camper shells are collapsible and easier to store.

Camper shells are typically made of fiberglass, aluminum, steel or thermoplastic. Fiberglass and thermoplastic shells are common because they are light in weight and can blend giving it the look of original equipment. Aluminum and steel are the other materials used particularly for heavy duty application. They have the ability to sustain off road travel and are cheaper than the alternative.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers During Winter

Wide Range of Models

Tonneau CoverTruck Gear SuperCenter has tonneau covers are available in a wide range of models which over you absolute convenience. These covers are specifically designed so as to meet all your requirements from roll back covers for covering your cargo to the one with a lockable facility which ensure completely safety. There are also lightweight roll back covers that you could pull back on your own without looking around for help, which makes access and weight of the cover not an issue at all.

High Fuel Efficiency

Tonneau covers not only have a high utility value, but they also make a great value addition to fuel efficiency. They have been proven to have an aerodynamic advantage that makes your truck more fuel efficient. A small investment in a tonneau cover can actually make a big savings in the fuel costs.

Provides Security and Protection for Cargo

A tonneau cover provides the ideal solution to keep your cargo safe from thieves and climatic conditions such as rain, wind and snow. Winter weather can pose a serious threat to your cargo if left uncovered. Snow and ice might actually damage your possessions stored in the back of your truck.


Preparing your ruck for winter is crucial and installing either a tonneau cover or a camper shell can help protect both your truck and the items you carry during the demanding winter months. Whether you are making a road trip with the family or making your living on the road, both these products can be a great way to keep your cargo dry and secure. Ordering your truck bed product early is essential to ensure you get exactly what you want before the winter comes. Contact Truck Gear SuperCenter with the link below for more information or to order your camper shell or tonneau cover today!

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