Maintenance for Camper Shells

Taking care of your Camper Shell is extremely important and necessary. As an accessory to your truck, the camper shell, including all its accessories, are now integral parts of your truck. They expand your truck bed space and allow you to carry items or loads without having to worry about being stolen or being damaged in the rain. Camper Shells serve as secure transports for delicate equipment, appliances and tools, even medical supplies. This is why it is important to properly care and maintain your Camper Shell for maximum performance.

Rubber Collar

It is important to be attentive to the rubber collar that separates the Camper Shell and the cab of your truck. Make sure they are kept clean and in good working conditions.

Wash Regularly

The body paint can be maintained easily if regularly washed. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe the shell dry. The cloth should be used with water at all times. After washing there should be a complete dryness of the Camper Shell, as this prevents water spots on the surface. Snow and ice should be brushed off during the winter. Do not use a scraper on the cap, notably on the rear door glass.


Parking under trees can sometimes be damaging to your Camper Shell because saps and bird droppings can scratch the paint. Be sure to remove such substances immediately before they harden on the Camper Shell’s body.


It is not recommended to wax your Camper Shell during the first 60 days. Once you do wax, make sure to use the same wax and care products for the truck and Camper Shell.


A clear fingernail polish can be used as the base coat of the refurbish paint when repairing paint nicks and scratches. Products giving ultra-violet protection are ideal. The luster is maintained and prolongs the paint life when UV shield products are used.

Moving Parts and Accessories

Make sure to lubricate all moving parts and accessories. Lithium-based grease works well with maintaining moving functional parts. Penetrating oils are not recommended for door lock cylinders. Do not clean gas struts shafts with lubricates or solvents.

Regular Inspections

Make sure to regularly inspect the gap between the Camper Shell and your truck. Be attentive to the edge of your camper shell nearest to the painted surface of the truck. Also, make sure that there is no contact with the painted surface of the vehicle.


These are just a few maintenance tips for those who own a Camper Shell. Don’t hesitate to contact Truck Gear SuperCenter with the link below for more information!

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