How to Pick the Best Camper Shell

Leer 100XR

There are so many options available when it comes to making your truck bed more functional. Whether you are making a road trip with the family or making your living on the road, a Camper shell can be a great way to keep your cargo dry and secure! But, with so many options available, how can you make the right decision for your needs?

Choosing the Best Camper Shell for You

It will be much easier to start with what the available models have in common. We deal exclusively with Leer in the fiberglass painted to match line of camper shells. Whether you look at the base model shell or the top of the line unit, the build process and quality control will be exactly the same. The differences in the models and pricing is purely cosmetic and a little bit of function.

Let’s take a look at the Base model 100R and the top of the Line 100XQ for comparison.


100RThe 100R is our most popular unit. It will come painted to match, features a straight glass framed 50/50 side sliding window and a straight glass framed rear door with a dual T-handle release to lock and secure. It will come with a lifetime warranty on fiberglass structure and paint color fade. This is the standard warranty given with all of Leers fiberglass covers, with the only exception being the Leer Legend which we will get into below.


100XQThe 100XQ is the sleekest SUV type appearance. The differences you will see between this unit and the 100R is essentially the side glass and rear door. The sides are a one piece curved frameless glass giving a much cleaner automotive look. The rear door is also a curved frameless glass which will finish the look. Operation of the back door will also add some convenience. A single twist handle provides a two finger open and the automotive rotary latches make simple push to close operation. This is opposed to the dual T-handle models with a turn of each handle to open, again to close and a key in each to lock.

In between the 100R and 100XQ, Leer offers a couple of units that will feature a little more headroom for taller cargo.

You’ve seen the bottom and the top, so let’s look at everything in between.

Leer Legend

This is the 100R model shell. In an effort to provide a more competitive entry level price, Leer offers the 100R with a 3 year warranty as opposed to the standard lifetime coverage. The Legend is the only exception to the warranty that comes standard on all of their products. There is no other difference between the 100R and the Legend. They are built exactly the same, no corners are cut. The only difference will be the warranty and a couple hundred bucks.

Leer 100XR

Leer 100XRThe Leer 100XR is quickly growing in popularity. This unit will split the difference between the 100XQ and the 100R. It will feature the framed 50/50 side sliding window you will see in the 100R and the curved frameless glass you see on the 100XQ and 100XL.

Benefits of the 100XR include: easier to use and more stylish rear door featuring single lock and Rotary latches giving you a better looking and more convenient access to your cargo. The sliding side windows reduces the cost of the unit and gives much better ventilation if you are camping or carrying live animals in the back. All camper shell side windows will open for ventilation. The curved frameless windows will give you a good ventilation going down the road, but you will not get as good of a “cross breeze” with them as you will with the side sliding windows.

Leer 100XL

Leer 100XLThis is a small step below the 100XQ and really boils down to personal preference. The major difference being the side windows,the 100XL features a ¼ split window with the smaller rear portion of the glass opening for ventilation. Otherwise it is right next to the 100XQ as a more SUV styled cosmetic appearance.

Leer 180

Leer 180This is Leers midrise unit. It will be basically the 100R with an additional 5-8″ above the cab. It is designed to give you more headroom without being overly bulky or cosmetically unappealing. The 180 comes standard with the 50/50 side sliding windows and dual T-handle rear door. Leer is starting to offer the 180 in the XL and XR window and door packages but vehicle fitment is limited for now so be sure and let us know if you are interested in the other packages so we can verify availability.

Leer 122

Leer 122Leers tallest cap which typically stands 9-12″ above the cab of the truck. Only available for 6.5′ and 8′ beds, if your looking for maximum height this is the unit for you. Standard build is as shown with a small front sliding window and larger fixed bay at the back. If you prefer, Leer will put in a full length side slider at no additional charge.

Aside from these units we also have commercial grade fiberglass and aluminum units available with more options to customize your truck for your purpose.


We at Truck Gear Supercenter hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our locations by phone or email. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great articles like this one, new products and exclusive special offers!

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  1. I agree the 100XQ looks the nicest on the truck. I just bought a new one and am looking for a cap to keep the bed nice. I think the access to the back is another great benefit for removing things easily.

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