Why You Should Upgrade Your BAKFlip MX4


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Truck Gear SuperCenter is offering $50 OFF our BAKFlip MX4 with the mention of this ad! Our BAKFlip MX4 cover features all of the same great features of the top selling BAKFlip G2, but with some some very important differences! This special ends October 31, so don’t miss out on this amazing deal today! Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should upgrade to the new BAKFlip MX4 today!

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New BAKFlip MX4

M143880842The all-new BAKFlip MX4 features heavy-duty aluminum matte finish panels that offer superior UV and scratch resistance, and an enhanced premium density foam core. The MX4 is the upgrade to the G2 aluminum series, equipped with upgraded latch housing components, and an all-new integrated tailgate seal that allows the tailgate to close with the cover up or down.

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