Gooseneck Hitches

foldinghitchA gooseneck hitch is designed for use in a pickup truck similar to a Fifth Wheel. The difference is that the gooseneck uses a ball and coupler verses a kingpin and pin receiver. Typically, the trailers that are most commonly used for this type of gooseneck hitch is a horse trailer. Gooseneck hitches are offered in a few types of configurations, they are designed to be mounted above or below the trucks pickup bed. Either design (above or below) allows for minimal obstruction when the ball is not in the towing position.

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Upgrading to Diesel to Improve Performance

000000027344While exhaust upgrades, inductions, transmissions and even larger wheel and tire packages are all popular applications for the new breed of diesel trucks, the focus of the market over the last few years has undoubtedly been towards electronics. These electronic parts, including plug-in performance modules and downloaders, allow drivers to adjust horsepower from inside the cab and have really set the trend in the industry.

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